Replacement and spare parts

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Our material requirements guarantee you a long service life.

Conveyor Chains

Conveyor Chains

  • Chain links drop forged and case hardened
  • Brand BUHLER on request
  • With welded on flights ranging from 7” (190 mm trough width span) to 40″ (1000 mm), dimensions 142 mm (normal and reinforced)
  • Available in the following designs: T, BT, U, O and OO
  • Other dimensions and designs available on request
Chain Links

Chain Links*

  • Material 18MnCrB5 (1.7168), drop forged, high precision machined, high wear resistant, case hardened to approx
  • 61 HRC, dimensions 142 mm (normal and reinforced)
  • Brand BUHLER on request
  • Other dimensions and materials available on request
Connecting Pins

Connecting Pins*

  • Material X46Cr13 (1.4034), rust and acid resistant, approx.
    52 HRC, and 16MnCrS5 (1.7139), approx. 58 HRC.
  • Other materials available on request


  • Material St 2 (1.0330) galvanized and V4A (1.4571)
Clip Closing Pliers

Clip Closing Pliers*

  • A helpful tool for closing the circlips


  • 6, 8, 10, 11, 14 and 18 tooth, normal and reinforced
  • Material 20MnCr5 (1.7147), high wear resistant, case hardened with interchangeable tooth segments
  • The tooth segments are separately available in sets
Trailing Wheels

Trailing Wheels

  • Available in all current diameters and widths.
  • Material C45 (1.0503)
  • Contact surfaces tempered
Chain Runners

Chain Runners*

  • Special wear resistant manganese steel strips
  • Available in all current sizes from 35/10 mm to 70/20 mm
  • Material X120Mn12 (1.3401)
  • With guiding groove
Shear Bolt Wheels

Shear Bolt Wheels

  • For roller chains according to German Industrial Standard DIN 8187
  • Available in sizes from 16B (1”x17 mm) to 40B (2½”x1½”), designs B-1 (Simplex), B-2 (Duplex) and B-3 (Triplex)
  • Also accompanying spare chain wheels, hubs and shear bolts as well as roller chains and pinions
  • Teeth of pinions and chain wheels, tempered on request

Further spare and wearing parts: available on request.
* in stock